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Girdwood Alliance is an organization that advocates for responsible growth in the community of Girdwood Alaska. Our organization supports activities that enhance our valley through infrastructure and recreation.

A volunteer board of over 20 individuals meet on a nearly monthly basis, to advance our mission and vision for Girdwood.

News & Events

Girdwood Alliance – Letter to the Editor

June 12, 2019 Featured on: Glacier City Gazette To the Editor, For two decades, a group of dedicated volunteers have been watching over Girdwood’s interests and navigating the fabric of Alaska politics. Initially established as Girdwood 2020, the organization’s board is made up of over 20 individuals with various backgrounds and expertise, and one similar …

DNR Permitting Change – Last Day of Public Comment

Girdwood Alliance is opposed to the proposed changes in the DNR Permitting Process for the following primary reasons: The proposed regulations do not adhere to the Turnagain Arm Management Plan, a community led document that outlines the approved uses of the Turnagain Arm area.  The 5 year duration of a permit is not long enough …

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