Attn: Girdwood 501(c)3s!

Earn $7,500! $15,000! $30,000 or more this week from the comfort and safety of your home or COVID bubble.

That’s right!  This week only: The Municipality of Anchorage is offering COVID Relief Grants to non-profit arts organizations in Anchorage that have been doing good work in our community since at least January 1, 2019.

But you have to ACT FAST!  The deadline for applying is TOMORROW at 5:00pm.

It only takes 10 minutes to fill out the eezy-peezy online application. Find it HERE. <;!!Fhnm7mQ!Jg9gkg5wUOudILhhkdKYTfpDmboCAQgouvBt5pXXBr6bpypMF4y8Zgcx1RRGcf6WLSw$>  Do it NOW!