Girdwood Request for Proposals

On April 7, 2021, Heritage Land Bank published a “Request for Proposal” for development of up to 150 acres. Submissions were due by June 7, 2021. On June 29, the municipality of Anchorage published the below memo:

RFP Evaluation Results:

Girdwood Residential 2021​​

Development of a portion of HLB Parcels 6-011, 6-016 & 6-017.  

The high scoring proposal was​ notified on June 29, 2021 and negotiation of a Development Agreement will begin in July.  This process will take several months.  No agreement or contract is established by the RFP process and evaluation results.  Portions of the proposals, including many numeric details, concept plans, and financials have been redacted to ensure a reasonable process and appropriate expectations.  The resulting development, if any, may not be exactly what has been proposed.  

High Scoring – 2021 Girdwood Residential (redacted)

Low Scoring Proposal

The Evaluation Committee was comprised of 9 individuals, including 7 MOA employees, 3 Girdwood residents, and an array of experts with knowledge relevant to this particular RFP.

Evaluation Committee Memo​

The intent of the Request for Proposal (RFP) was to identify a partner to develop a portion of three parcels currently in the Heritage Land Bank inventory located in Girdwood Alaska, legally described as Tract I Alyeska Subdivision Prince Addition (Plat 87-131) (PID 075-311-04), Tract B Girdwood Elementary School Subdivision (Plat 85-38) (PID 075-031-32), and Tract 9A Section 9 T10N R2E (Plat 73-220) (PID 075-041-31) in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the 1995 Girdwood Area Plan and the 2006 Crow Creek Neighborhood Land Use Plan and which provides the highest and best use of the site. 

HLB Parcel 6-011 Plat 87-131

HLB Parcel 6-016 Plat 85-38

HLB Parcel 6-017 Plat 73-220

Suppleme​ntal Documents – Historic documents, studies, drawings, etc.

Source: HLB Website