DNR Permitting Change – Last Day of Public Comment

Girdwood Alliance is opposed to the proposed changes in the DNR Permitting Process for the following primary reasons:

  • The proposed regulations do not adhere to the Turnagain Arm Management Plan, a community led document that outlines the approved uses of the Turnagain Arm area. 
  • The 5 year duration of a permit is not long enough to encourage appropriate investment in the area and should be extended. 
  • Relying simply on a “high bidder” model for these permits ignores critical areas of importance for recreation and appropriate stewardship of the area, and is not in the state’s or our valley’s best interest. 

Click here to read the full document regarding the permit change.

If you agree with one or more of the comments above, feel free to copy/paste them and email them to: dnr.permitting.regulation@alaska.gov

Imagine! Girdwood

Girdwood Area Plan and Four Valleys Community School held a co-sponsored event at Girdwood School on 4/29/2019.

The Girdwood Area plan commissioned a survey with over 600 respondents. 7 new questions were created based off the survey results. Nearly 100 people were voting with digital clickers, for near instantaneous results. Here are some screen shots captured of the results.

The survey results provide a general direction of what people would like to see in Girdwood.

Click here to watch video of event direct on Facebook.

Eric Fullerton kicked off the town hall style meeting.

Shiloh Baptist Gospel Choir – Lecture Series Event

It was a pleasure to host the Shiloh Baptist Gospel Choir for a “lecture” in song form. This is a beautiful example of community meeting community and showcasing their incredible talent and love of music.

Special thanks to Robert Heartwell, Choir Director/Pianist for Shiloh Baptist Gospel Choir, for help making this event possible!

A group photo of those who visited from Shiloh Baptist Gospel Choir.
Singing with passion and praise!