Seward Highway

Dear Seward Highway Traveler,

For those who are not aware, DOT is shifting around resources and responsibilities for road maintenance along the Seward Highway. It has been explained to us, this is a result of DOT budget cuts and a lack of gasoline tax to cover the road maintenance expense. Earlier this summer, DOT announced closure of the Silvertip Station. Near Hope, this station previously serviced Turnagain Pass and the thoroughfare to the Kenai Pennisula. In the closure of this station, resources which normally maintain most of the highway between Girdwood and Anchorage, are now working north of Girdwood.

Advocating for Seward Highway safety has been a long standing issue for our organization. Over the past few months, we have held meetings with the Department of Transportation and legislative leaders expressing concerns regarding the Silvertip Station closure and it’s possible impacts on Girdwood and other Seward Highway travellers, as so much of our population utilizes the highway on a daily basis.

Please submit a comment, observation, concern, etc. below, so we can present actual testimonials regarding trends you are noticing while on the highway. We will be forwarding compiled information to DOT, elected representatives and other relevant parties.