The Swoops!

At our summer board meeting, Girdwood Alliance decided to take action regarding ”the swoops.” Over the past few weeks, we helped move motions through Trails Committee and Land Use for GBOS to pass a resolution regarding applying for Community Transportation Program funds, which passed with GBOS support on 8/19/2019. Within days, Girdwood Alliance arranged for top officials with DOT to meet us on the bike path and walk the swoops. It was very productive! Multiple members of Girdwood Alliance were present (Chair – Eric Fullerton, Board member & GBOS – Mike Edgington, Executive Director – Krystal Hoke, Advocate/Member – Dave Parish) alongside Kyle Kelley (MOA/GVSA). In the next 4-6 weeks, we should see an agreement come together for signage to be present ON the bike path to deter vehicles from driving in it. It was agreed the path swoops will be pushed back further from the Edge of the Traveled Way. New painting and stenciling is in the future. The CTP funds should reap a long term solution. Excited to see a safer bike path for all to enjoy!