Upcoming Imagine! Girdwood Meeting

Come participate in the Girdwood planning process. A new Girdwood Area Plan is currently being drafted and your input matters! It’s easy to join via Zoom! Below is link and agenda information.

August 26, 2020 6 to 8 pm
Online Zoom Meeting


Draft Agenda

Call in information
+1 346 248 7799 US
Meeting ID: 842 7117 7404
Passcode: 725452

Guiding Girdwood land use: creating a framework for the future of Girdwood.

The mission of Imagine! Girdwood (formerly the Girdwood Area Plan Update Committee) is to fund and complete a transparent, inclusive review of the Girdwood Area Plan to guide Girdwood land use in an orderly and understandable process that is respectful of all views.

Call to order, Erin Eker, Chair
1) Introductions and Welcome
2) Agenda Approval for August 26 meeting
3) Minutes Approval for July 22 meeting
Announcements and Invited Presentations:
4) Chair’s report (Erin Eker)
5) Treasurer’s report (Diana Livingston)
6) GBOS / Land Use updates (Mike Edgington)
Old Business:
7) Presentation and Approval of Housing Vision/Goals (Holly Spoth-Torres / Shanna Zuspan)
8) Presentation of draft story map & next steps (Holly)
9) Schedule for sharing with stakeholder groups and the broader community (Holly)
New Business:
Future Meetings
Regular Meetings: (usually 4th Weds of each month)
Wednesday September 23, 2020
Wednesday October 25, 2020
Work sessions:
none scheduled

Imagine Girdwood website: www.imaginegirdwood.org